I started my apprenticeship in 2000. I have been a studio owner since 2005. In 2015, I opened my current studio, Black Coffin Tattoo, with myself, and 3 other artists. Less than 2 years later, we expanded the studio. Bringing the artist count to 10. After coming back and reopening in 2020 from Corona, we expanded once more. Black Coffin is now home to 17 resident artists, a half dozen traveling artists, 2 piercers and a counter staff to die for. Let me tell ya, single handedly running a studio of this size is a feat in itself. Not to mention, I still tattoo daily. And that is because of who we work with. I have travelled the “Tattoo Circuit” in the past few years and have seen many cities while doing this. I have made many friends and business connections along the way. I was brought up in a time where flash was still king, and at the time, I convinced my mentor to get internet. We were one of the first studios to have internet in the area, believe it or not. After thinking I knew it all, I decided to open a studio in 2005. Yep. 5 years in. It worked, then. I learned about the pitfalls and headaches of running a business, and the positives and negatives about having a business partner. After 10 years of that, I was done being an owner. Or so I thought… But it was already in my blood. And in 2015, I opened Black Coffin Tattoo. We are the largest shop in the Midwest, to the best of my knowledge. We don’t have a high turnover, and everyone at that studio is making more than they ever have prior. And, we have fun while doing it. And I’m a better swimmer than some.