Who We Are

Embrace the Warrior Within

Welcome to 300Ink, the self-development university designed exclusively for tattoo artists who are eager to elevate their careers to new heights. Whether you are a shop owner, a talented artist seeking to expand your horizons, or even a show promoter with a passion for the industry, 300Ink is the program that will propel you forward. 

Our selection process is rigorous, as we handpick and thoroughly vet each member of our team. Just like the clandestine organization of the spartan warriors, we are here to bring out the absolute best in each and every one of our members. We are seeking individuals with the mindset of a warrior, those who are prepared to push boundaries, overcome challenges, and leave an indelible mark on the world of tattoo artistry. 

If you are ready to join a special group of people who share your passion, ambition, and hunger for success, then welcome to 300ink. 

Together, we will forge a path to greatness, unleashing our creative potential and transforming the tattoo industry one ink stroke at a time.